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October 2022

Sequelize announces the re-launch of its Virtual CTO service, which brings senior digital technology expertise into your business, to help you devise and execute a technology strategy that aligns with your business goals and mitigates external technical risks.

Today’s technology environment is more complex and less secure than it used to be. If you're one of the many small-medium businesses that don’t have any internal senior technology expertise, you could be unknowingly exposed to technical risks. Risks that carry both financial and/or reputational costs.

Sequelize Ltd's Virtual CTO service brings you the senior technology expertise that you need to make the best strategic use of technology in your business and the peace of mind that any technology risks have been considered and mitigated.

The five step HAQRS ("hackers”) framework demystifies your technical complexity and creates a roadmap to align your technology with your business goals. Your optimised technology will create new opportunities and save on subscription costs.

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The 5 step HAQRS (“hackers”) framework

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